Branchet Solutions, risk management tools

Branchet Solutions aims, in France and abroad, to provide services in the fields of prevention and management of medical and medico-legal risk. Branchet Solutions is aimed at all healthcare professionals and healthcare establishments.

Branchet Solutions' missions

Branchet Assistance

This service brings together the various types of assistance offered: general assistance 24/7, assistance in infectious diseases, burn-out, cyber assistance, support in disability expertise.

Branchet Training

This service brings together all the training offered in partnership with Asspro for medical risk management (Asspro Truck, ARRES, e-learning) but also the IRM® program for Branchet policyholders.

Branchet Docs

This service makes various documentary resources available: practical guides, training materials, information on risks and claims, information sheets intended for patients to obtain their informed consent.

Branchet Store

The store is a brand in its own right, registered under the SASU Branchet Solutions, which makes it possible to offer digital solutions adapted to healthcare professionals.

Branchet Jobs

Through a partnership with the Medical Ads site, Branchet Solutions relays job offers and announcements for physicians looking for replacements, successors and partners.

Branchet Solutions specialists

To support you on all these subjects, Branchet Solutions brings together the skills of specialists in medical risk management, litigation prevention and teamwork. These high-level skills are complementary to each other.

The Branchet Solutions Strategic Committee is made up exclusively of physicians, specialists in risk management and guarantees the relevance of the programs offered (orientations, target audience, methodology).

The development of tailor-made programs, the implementation of training and consulting missions are placed under the aegis of Dr Patrick-Georges YAVORDIOS, Branchet Medical Director.