What they say about us?

I have been insured with Branchet for over ten years. On the training side, when I can, I attend ARRES days or training in bariatric surgery in the ASSPRO Truck.
Dr Sophie Brunet
Once insured with Branchet, I had the opportunity to follow two training courses in the ASSPRO Truck on the proper maintenance of the medical file and on the risk of infection. This is very important because when you climb in your activity, you gain confidence, you have more patients and therefore more risk of being implicated. This ultra-specialized side at Branchet really makes the difference. You feel supervised and supported when faced with a difficulty. Plastic surgeons have become the favorite target of comments on social networks. Some patients let off steam! These new attacks, which are sometimes defamatory, can harm us. Branchet's initiatives are therefore essential because we do not have the time to manage this on a daily basis.
Dr Pierre Bogaert
I have already used Branchet's services by calling infectious disease assistance. I found it very interesting to have the advice of a recognized infectious disease specialist, to be able to get an opinion and to keep a written record of it. It is a comfortable and reassuring tool for the patient. It's not a hallway noise that says this or that must be done.
Dr Monika Hermann
I attended a training session in ASSPRO Truck on the topic of the practitioner-patient relationship which I found really instructive. I appreciated the quality of the trainer and as it is regional it allowed me to find colleagues that I rarely see. In addition, it is original to have a truck that comes to us and takes us out of the context of the clinic.
Dr Loïc Wessely